Apptivity Angry Birds Action Figure


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Apptivity Game Angry Birds Action Figure

Kids can immerse themselves in the action with this Apptivity Angry Birds Magic Single Pack King Pig figurine that features a conductive base. Use it in conjunction with the associated Angry Birds app. Place the King Pig on the HD app version at any time, and it unlocks four entirely new modes that feature new sounds, new characters and new backdrops in the world's most popular app! In King Pig mode in the Angry Birds Pack, the pigs turn into eggs on the screen, and the birds turn into pigs. In Material Mix-Up, the material of the confounding constructions the pigs sit on is changed. You never know what demolition to expect! In Bird Frenzy, the birds don't stop coming! Launch as many birds at the pigs as you possibly can before the timer runs out. In Total Destruction, players demolish the constructions as quickly as possible by swiping the King Pig Angry Birds App Toy or a finger over the materials before the timer runs out.
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*** does not work on the Ipad mini ***