Monster High Storytelling Scarnival Draculaura

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Monster High Storytelling Scarnival Draculaura

When the Monster High students learn they might lose their school dance, the ghouls and Mansters rally to raise funds and ensure the "show will groan on!" Draculaura, Clawd Wolf and Skelita Calaveras have their own ideas about how to make a killing - scary classic carnival games! With clawesome challenges and uhhh-mazing prizes, they hope to draw the student body in hordes. Draculaura, daughter of Dracula, will entice players to try their claws at balloon darts for a stuffed bat prize - it's scary cute with a pink body and black accents. The four colored "balloons" fit into the game piece and a heart-adorned dart fits in Draculaura doll's hand. She looks winning in a circus-inspired dress with stripes on the bodice and an iconic print on the pink and black skirt. A bow at her neck and bright shoes make killer accessories. Will the students save the dance and find a scarily ever after? Collect all of the fundraisers to really raise the funds - and the fun!

Age 6+