My First Thomas & Friends Nesting Trains


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My First Thomas & Friends Nesting Trains 

Toddlers can experience multiple ways to play with Nesting Engines from Fisher-Price. These five adorable Thomas & Friends characters can nest inside each other, link together, or be played with as individual engines. Their unique, hollow-body design means toddlers can push the engines into each other accordion-style, or place one on top of the other starting with the smallest engine. For a playtime experience that's equal parts fun and valuable, children can use logical thinking and problem solving to discover how the engines fit inside each other, and fine motor skills to pull and reveal a linked train. Plus, these trains are designed to be extra adorable, with even cuter, sweeter faces. The pack includes five Thomas & Friends characters: Thomas, James, Percy, Charlie and Toby.

Age 1.5yrs+

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