Totsafe Essential Lifestyle Masks and Totsafe PM2.5 Filter Bundle Pack


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Totsafe Essential Lifestyle Masks and Totsafe PM2.5 Filter Bundle Pack

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Bundles includes: 1 mask with 3 pcs PM2.5 filter + 1 Pack 20pcs PM2.5 Filter 

These are reusable masks designed to protect your little ones from the harsh elements of today’s environment.

They are made from 100% cotton that is very breathable and perfectly soft and smooth to the skin. These masks have ultra-soft ear straps and are adjustable for a comfortable fit. They have built in filter pockets that can be inserted with a disposable protective filter. They are also designed with an inner write-on tag on the masks so kids can write their names on their own masks.

The Totsafe disposable PM2.5 filters have 5-layers of melt-blown fabric and carbon filter technology to protect from airborne contaminants and pollution. The strong filtering capability is able to purify every breath as sterile as possible. Now all together with the Totsafe essential lifestyle mask, that’s 7 layers of breathable protection.

These masks come in resealable zipper bags which you can use for storage of the masks when on the go.

Totsafe Essential Lifestyle Masks are available in different cute designs that will surely help make wearing a mask outside the house as fun as possible! Get your kids to choose their favorite out of the 6 designs!

Suitable for kids 3 years and up

Fabric: 100% cotton with a double layer, comes with a slit pocket for a filter.

Instructions for Care: Hand-wash masks after each use with cold water for durability. The PM2.5 filter should be disposed of after a day’s use.

Note: These are not medical-grade masks

Available in 6 designs: (1) Rainbow (2) Llama (3) Unicorn (4) Alligator (5) Sea Animals (6) Outer Space