VTech Flipsies Styla's Salon and Fashion Boutique


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VTech Flipsies Styla's Salon and Fashion Boutique

Styla dreams of becoming a fashion designer! Flipsies Styla’s Salon & Fashion Boutique is a 2-in-1 playset that transforms from a salon where Styla can chat and style her friend’s hair to a fashion boutique where she can sell her handmade fashions!

Press the charm on Styla’s necklace to see it light-up and to experience her friendly personality. Place Styla on the two MagicPoint locations on her playset or other MagicPoint locations on other Flipsies playsets (sold separately) and she’ll respond with playful phrases unique to her own personality. When Styla and one of her friends are on the MagicPoint locations in the salon, they will chat with each other.

Let your dreams shine with Flipsies!

Age 4+