Delish Treats Fondant Decorating Pens (10pcs)

Delish Treats

SKU: DT-87


Delish Treats Fondant Decorating Pens (10pcs)

This is a set of 10 double ended tools essential for sculpting, forming, shaping, marking and imprinting flowers, leaves and facial features. This set includes: Veining, Cutting Wheel, Scriber/Cone, Ball, Umbrella, Dog Bone, and Shell/Knife Tools; Large and Small Modeling Picks; Palette. Each tool helps to cut, sculpt, build and place beautiful flower and flower bud decorations, including petals, leaves, borders, trims, and more.  A pair of modeling picks for fondant edging effects and a handy palette knife for lifting and placing fondant decorations are also included.  Made from durable food grade plastic with rubberized handles for a more comfortable grip and control.  

The longest tool is approximately 6.9 inches long and the shortest tool is approximately 5.7 inches long.