Delish Treats Non-Stick Baking Liner (Teflon Material)

Delish Treats

SKU: DT-41


Delish Treats Non-Stick Baking Liner (Teflon Material)

A multi-functional non-stick liner that is both durable and versatile.  It is made up of an FDA approved material that allows you to cook everything through baking, roasting or grilling.  It can also be used as an oven shelf lining.


  • Reusable
  • Just cut to size
  • For use in microwaves and ovens
  • Wipe to clean
  • Heat-resistant up to 260°C
  • Made from PTFE coated fiberglass material (also known as Teflon)
  • Measures 16.5 inches x 26 inches