Delish Treats Palette Knife (Set of 5pcs) - Natural

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Delish Treats Palette Knife (Set of 5pcs) - Natural

A common tool used for painting art, this palette knife set has become a convenient tool for cake decorators who have used their cakes as their canvass in creating beautiful art on cakes. 

This set contains 5 high quality palette knives for great versatility.  They are constructed with flexible steel blades which are perfect for creating a wide range of textures and effects. Large knives are suitable for broad strokes, while small knives are perfect for smaller more detailed work.

Measurement - Blade  Length / Widest Point / Length of Knife:
#1 Small Diamond Scraper: 5.9 cm / 1.2 cm / 16.6 cm

#2 Square Scraper: 7 cm, 2.2 cm / 18 cm

#3 Medium Diamond Scraper: 8.4 cm / 2.4cm / 19.5 cm

#4 Elongated Diamond Scraper: 9.3 cm / 1.6cm / 20 cm

#5 Large Elongated Diamond Scraper: 11 cm / 2.4cm / 22 cm