Liquid Food Coloring 10ml (1pc)

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SKU: DT-210B


Liquid Food Coloring 10ml (1pc)

Made from safe ingredients, this food grade liquid food coloring is odorless and tasteless. It won't alter the taste or texture of any recipe.  You just need a little bit of coloring to get the bright color you want. Colors could be mixed together to create new shades.

This coloring set can be widely used on cake decoration, buttercream, fondant, macarons, frosting, cookie dough, whipped topping & icing coloring, candies; also perfect for slime, soap, candles and other crafts making. 

Available in 10 colors:  Black, Bright Red, Brown, Dark Blue, Fruit Green, Grape Purple, Lemon Yellow, Rose, Sky Blue, White

Comes in 10ml volume.

Expiry is September 5, 2025